Monday, 29 November 2010

No Olho da Rua, 28/11/2010

24 hours later Celia's camp is completely trashed. The banner is gone, window smashed, big rock on the floor inside. No sign of anyone.

Over the road we find Landia, Preto and Vinicius. The Gameleira tree has a new fence around it to stop homeless people from living there. Of course there are already holes in the fence so we have a long chat sitting under the tree.

We have a notebook including pictures of everyone who's ever been in the project. Over the years it's quite a lot of people. We want to record people's memories, to find out what's happened, collect stories etc.

It turns out that Vinicius (who we met for the first time yesterday) was the boyfriend of Sandra who was one of the original kids we met in 1995. A year or so ago Sandra was killed in a car accident (Vinicius was in the same crash and has a big scar on his right thigh, uses a crutch). In 1995 Sandra was with an athletic boy called Walter and we have fantastic pictures of them and their baby, of Walter being acrobatic, cleaning his house and so on. But he too was killed in a car crash, perhaps in 2000. Then Sandra and Vinicius became a couple and they were together 6 years. Their baby was also in the accident - apparantly it flew through the air and was saved because it landed on a woman. It's now living with Sandra's sister. These tragedies just go round and round. Preto and Landia are also tearful about not just Sandra and Walter, but also Lindomar, Otacilio, Edna, Edna's son Jonathon. It's generally cars and AIDS that are the killers.

We collect the first exposed films and re-load.

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phantasmagoria said...

Hi Julian,

Found you through the Dutch Doc Award page, love your work. For some strange reason alot of the 'No Olho da Rua' series reminds me of some street art shot in Fortoleza (Brazil) your stuff really jumps off the pages. You should consider having them painted on murals!