Tuesday, 7 December 2010

No Olho da Rua 06/12/2010

Marcelo at the Zoo / Eduardo's Shoes

On Sunday we organised a trip to the zoo; a bit of a nightmare really as there are more people who say they want to come than we can possibly get into our combi. We had a lot of arguments about how the hell we would cope, who we should bring and who we shouldn't, but in the end, inevitably, several people couldn't get up or forgot and we managed to cram everyone into the combi + a very accomodating taxi.
For the most part it was a relaxing afternoon. Our ban on drugs, alcohol or thinner may have had something to do with it, but it was also hot and the atmosphere in the beautiful Belo Horizonte zoo and park was just calm; Conxinhia, Bruna and Vinicius even went off for a sleep. The exception was Marcelo, who is always incredibly exciteable and was determined from the outset to be in pictures with the animals. Amazingly, he had reasonable success with the Hippopotamus. He must have been precariously balanced, kind of lying on top of and leaning over the wall. He later announced he was going in with the monkeys and there was no stopping him; he climbed over a wall, traversed a moat and wandered around their enclosure for a couple of minutes. LicaƵ and Luis photographed it but of course the monkeys had scattered to the treetops, so on Marcelo's terms it was a failure. We had a visit from security shortly afterwards but were on our way home anyway.

Amongst the pictures that came back yesterday was one of Marcelo asleep. We have in the archive a huge collection of sleeping pictures (and we've taken many ourselves) but we realised Marcelo was the one person we'd never seen.

Murilo gave an old pair of his shoes to Eduardo. There was a discussion about taking them to a shoeshine place to ask for a tiny bit of wax to polish them and it was generally agreed by everyone that they would be a really good pair of shoes when cleaned up. The next day the shoes looked spectacular. Eduardo couldn't get wax but managed to get hold of some light green gloss paint.

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