Friday, 13 February 2015

February Events

There's something in the air. Collaborative art is on the agenda!

Saturday 14th February I will be working on a photographic version of Fred Laidler's painting, 'Fish and Chips', from 1948. He was one of the now famed Ashington Group of Northumbrian 'pitmen painters' who explored their everyday lives, their surroundings and their culture through art. Amongst the participants will be Fred's granddaughter and great granddaughter! If the photo is good it will be published alongside the painting in the next issue of the Ashington District Star, a new local newspaper / photographic journal being produced with people who live or work in the area.

Wednesday February 18th I'll be participating in an event at Plymouth University, 'Community Engagement: The Observer and the Observed'. A line up of very interesting people Wendy Ewald, Mark Neville, Noni Stacey, Matteo Balduzzi and Oliver Udy. I'll be there to talk mostly about the No Olho da Rua project.

Saturday 21st February I'll be in Utrecht giving a talk at the opening of Fotodok's new exhibition, 'Do You Hear Me?', which features the work of 7 artists, Laia Abril, Simone Engelen, Eric Gottesman, Monica Haller, Jan Hoek, Lucia Nimcova and Julika Rudelius, all of whom make work where the subject has a role in the direction and form of the story in one way or another.


Aissa Tyley said...

I absolutly loved the Wednesday Lecture last night, and the 'Pingo' was one of the funniest things I have seen in ages.

The Ashington District Star has also inspired us to write a new set of songs. Also are you familiar with the local songwriter Nev Clay? I think you would love his work.

Thanks again to you and Breeze Creatives for a great night, JUST BRILLIANT!


Julian Germain said...

Thanks Aissa, I am so glad that people seem to have enjoyed the evening. How do we get to hear these songs? That's very exciting! And I will check out Nev Clay too. We've only just recovered from the Northern but we'll try and do another event later in the year....