Wednesday, 20 May 2015


This Saturday 23rd May:

I'll be signing 3rd edition of For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness:

Photo London 3 - 4 pm. MACK / Booth P5, Great Arch Hall, Embankment Level, Somerset House, Strand, WC2R 1LA

Offprint 5 - 6 pm. MACK / Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, SE1 9TG.

Offprint is free, just wander in. You need to buy tickets for Photo London.


Michael Flynn said...

Hi Julian can I obtain a copy of the book the next time your in Ashington.
Signed please?

Julian Germain said...

Yes, that will be a pleasure!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julian,

Congratulations with your third edition. Unfortunately, the distance between Groningen (NL) and London is too big to bring you a visit. Is there another possibility to receive an offprint ??

Greetings Rob de Jong

mike stephens said...

Hi Julian, have you plans to show 'for every minute' again? I'd love to see it..

Julian Germain said...

Ha, apologies for delayed response.....

Rob, are you looking for a print?

Mike, For every minute will I hope come again at some point but nothing planned at the moment. Several other exhibitions looming though, in Cardiff, Ashington and Eastbourne in October and Sunderland in September. Hence panic stations here. I will post details soon, honest!!